Papplewick  School, Ascot  Visit: 

 The daily singing of Choral Evensong at our cathedrals has for centuries been one of the glories of our Anglican choral heritage. It is a great privilege for a choir to stand in for the regular cathedral choir, and not many have the necessary experience to do the job well. At Papplewick in the 1990s the chapel choir was well versed in repertoire for Choral Evensong. Portsmouth was one of the cathedrals regularly visited then, and following the choir’s recent successful tour to Malta it was decided to apply to sing there again on 20th November.  The boys greatly enjoyed singing in such a resonant acoustic with a full cathedral organ and they rose to the occasion magnificently. The music chosen was by modern English church composers Malcolm Archer and Ben Parry. Their next cathedral visit takes them to Ely on February 14th for a lunchtime concert.  

 Headmaster Tom Bunbury said  "It was a privilege and joy for our choir to sing in this wonderful cathedral which has witnessed so much over the centuries." 

Open Morning | February 1st 2020